This is right in my wheelhouse.
— Nick Digilio, WGN Radio
The tracks I’ve heard so far fall into an unofficial category we have here at XRT called ‘wiseguy’.
— Richard Milne, host of WXRT's Local Anesthetic
Groin throbbing.
— The Lady Murphy, Robie House
I listened to “I Found Out Why” this morning... it’s like AC/DC jamming with Foreigner at the rim of hell in ‘75.
— Ken McIntyre, Classic Rock Magazine
You guys are like the new James Gang!
— Random dude at our show
Kick ass! You guys need to write a song called ‘Ass and Gunpowder’.
— Bob and Rand, American Badasses
Give us a true sound over a new sound. Give us soul swagger over click clack. Give us the stick over the automatic. Give us a beer, dammit. The Dirty Dirty Dollars do accept credit, but always prefer crumpled cash.
Jed Taylor, Jeff Philippe, Steve Schuster and Andrew Bockelman- four dudes from Chicago dead set on rock ‘n’ roll, want to smash riffs out ‘til morning and provide the love-making shuffle for that magical time: post-drunk and pre-hangover.
— The Dirty Dirty Dollars