An' When I Die EP is out now on limited release!

We are excited to announce the release of our debut EP to college radio stations across the country. Coast to coast and beyond, stations have already added us into their regular rotations, but don't let that stop you from calling your favorite local station and asking them to play The Dirty Dirty Dollars. After all, radio stations are more likely to listen to YOU, the listener, when it comes to what they broadcast. We thank you all for your continued support, and hope to be rocking your town in the near future.

We're also very excited to have our song, "An' When I Die", included in the recent "Tangentially Speaking" podcast which is hosted by Chris Ryan PHD, author of Sex At Dawn. You can listen and download it on the JIVE page.

Now available on the SPEND page are our matching limited edition 7" vinyls (w/ digital). They were recorded live by Alby Odum at the University of St. Francis studios, then mixed, mastered and lacquered at Ardent Studios in Memphis by Pete Matthews, Kevin Nix and Jeff Powell, respectively.  These are monster jams, and if you HIGH CLASS, you gon' GO GET IT. You can purchase our digital releases online through our SPEND page, Cdbaby or iTunes. If you are in Chicago you can find the vinyls at Reckless Records (1532 N. Milwaukee), Logan Hardware (2532 w. Fullerton), Shuga Records (1272 N. Milwaukee) and Laurie's Planet of Sound (4639 N. Lincoln). Please support your local record shops!

Stay tuned to the DD$ here and on Facebook, Twitter (@thedddollars) and Instagram to get a glimpse into the our world. As always, check the STRUT page for show info, the SPEND page to get cooler, and feel free to contact us regarding booking or ego-fluffing through the HOLLER page.

We can't wait until the next time we can get dirty dirty with you.